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Re-imaging PCs

We have 40 Dell Optiplex 520 PCs running OEM copies of Windows XP. These PCs are 4 years old, but because of budget cutbacks, we will need to eek out another  1 or 2 years of life out of them.
We are considering re-imaging all of these PCs to get back to a standard image. The reason for this is that we have a high number of help desk calls because of the age of these PCs, plus we need to install some upgrades and new software on all of them anyway.
Our plan would be to use Sysprep and Windows Deployment Services from our Win 2008 server to lift an image off of one master PC and deploy that image to the other PCs.  I'm wondering if there are any "gotchas" if we do this. We use roaming profiles, so that won't be an issue. But will we have to re-activate windows and will that be a problem with OEM licenses? Any other issues to consider?
1 Solution
Thomas Zucker-ScharffSystems AnalystCommented:
Ghost does a good job.  We use that to reimage all PC's across our college.  We have several PC images, all unique to the hardware and then use those to reimage PCs.
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3ITAuthor Commented:
Thanks for everyone's feedback, I'm not looking for a utility like Acronis or Ghost because we already have and use Windows Deployment Services. I just have never re-imaged existing PCs before and am not sure if I will run into problems such as re-activating windows, office, etc.

I am doing some testing over the weekend and will reward points on Monday.
Thomas Zucker-ScharffSystems AnalystCommented:
IF the image is already activated it should be fine.  It should restore the exact state the computer was in when the image was created.
Dmitri FarafontovLinux Systems AdminCommented:
Try Paragon Hard Drive Manager

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