Right click on Email in Notes 8.51

We have upgraded several users to 8.51 client and mail template. A couple users do not have the new options when they  right click on a mail in their inbox. We have replaced the design, and that did not help. Any ideas? We want to use the new features like "add to contacts".
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MontereyConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
we had the inbox design properties set wrong, so it was not taking the replace design. Once we unclicked that option and did a replace design it worked.
Try to launch the convert task on the server:

load convert -u -gEnglish mail\dbname.nsf * mail85.ntf

and then try with:
load design -f mail\dbname.nsf
load updall mail\dbname.nsf
MontereyAuthor Commented:
I ran all of the about load commands. I still have a different look when my mail is open, and clicking on the Show button in the upper right does not do anything. Any other ideas?
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it could be that some design elements are set to not be refreshed once design change happens, from previous mail template. Use the domino designer and check the folders($Inbox, etc). check design properties of those folders and see if any is set to not refresh design.
       You try to update the Local design(mail85.ntf) of the Lotus Notes 8.51. Dont update the Design from Server.

Please reply
Check the the mail file ODS version is 43 and not 41.

If the user is accessing the server copy of mail file and the server is not 8.5, I do not think it will work.

But yes make sure that the design is the latest and did actually update.
This Link will be very useful to find ODS Version of the Lotus Notes:

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