how i would connect an IP camera to my head office far away 350 meters?

how i would connect an IP camera to my head office to record the motion in the parking area far away 350 meters?
please advise
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Not sure if you mean how to actually install the camera or the software, or if you mean actually programming it to only record motion. If you need help installing the camera and setting up the network, just do a google search for whatever you are looking for. If you need software to run on your computer to monitor the actions the camera views, just search for "free surveillance software" for a free program. Many of them allow you to set motion detection so it will only record when it sees something move, that way it reserves disk space. Also, you can have it email you the video shots if you like. I had mine setup to do this when i would leave for vacation, and I also used "log me in" software to just access my home PC, from a remote location. I would just leave my home PC running and use a laptop to access the home PC to actually see what the camera was seeing. I had a wired camera setup though, so if you have an IP you can access that from anywhere you have access to the internet. Anyways, not sure if this was any help to you and if you can be more specific with your question, i'd be glad to help if I can.
i_harfoushAuthor Commented:
no i mean the connectivity between the ip cam and the pc, I will provide the ip camera the power but how i will connect it to my server ?,it should be wireless...what wireless device i should use (range 350-400 meters),please advise
You can get good wired and wireless IP cameras from many vendors, including Axis Communications ,  D-Link, and Panasonic.  What you want is a stand-alone IP camera.  Avoid the many "webcams" that are intended to connect to a PC.

If you go wireless, get one that supports WiFi, as it will interfere less with your wireless networks.  You will need to set up a connection to your company WiFi system.  Avoid "analog" 2.4 GHz cameras that are sold in the consumer market, because they are not WiFi and often will cause severe interference to legitimate WiFi networks.  Be aware that the camera will take a lot of bandwidth, unless you set the frame-rate low.

Most of these IP cameras actually act as mini-web-servers, and you can see their image through an ordinary web browser pointed to the camera's IP address.  A better solution is to have the web camera post to a real server in your network that records the video and allows you password access to the images.

For 350 - 400m range, you will need directional antennas, both on the wireless camera and in your building.  Since most of the WiFi IP cameras have only a built-in antenna and limited range, I would recommend a wired IP camera connected to an outdoor wireless bridge (or AP in bridge mode), such as  .   If you look down the page on the NanoStationM you will see a camera application exactly like you want.  Enclosures are available from Pelco and others to protect the IP camera.

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i_harfoushAuthor Commented:
if I buy 2 cisco Ap and i want to make bridging between them, I have to set both to be bridge to each other,by meaning i have to make the first one bridge to the second and the second bridge the first by entering the mac address of each other, or can i make the first one access point and the second ap client and search for the signal and connect to it?
please advise and 10x for your support.
Tried this, works great.

Do not place the cam on the location where the action is. Place it 100 - 150 meters before.
Enough to get razor sharp images using a suited cam (don't look at a couple of bucks when it comes to the cam).
Sony is rather not cheap, but lets you read the plate of a car at 150M distance.

This way you can 1- protect your cam (placing it at "the action" point makes the cam vernable itself, it should be hidden at some distance) and 2- the distance gets below 200 meters.

Up to 300 meters (with a "view", thus no houses, trees, in the line of sight) a perfect connection can be established using an outdoor Mesh AP.

I use to put the alfa Mesh 51 in service:

Using a good antenna ( ) on the mesh makes the distance a piece of cake.
i_harfoushAuthor Commented:
and do you make bridge between the alfa mesh 51 or one access point and the other access client?
The mesh acts as a regular access point.
It can be hung at the building with the main network, and be cable connected. It can act as a bridge too, but i won't recommend that.

The wifi IP cam connects to the mesh as to a regular access point. The cam can be as far as 300 meters from the mesh and still connect with good signal quality.

i_harfoushAuthor Commented:
so you place only one mesh access point with cable connected and wifi ip camera connected to mesh AP faraway 300 meters,but why you dont recommand bridging 2 AP and connect the IP cam with a cable to AP( bridge)?
I am planning to use two Engenius EOC-2610 APs in a point-to-point setup using Pelco IP110 cameras. They are very directional and the mfg claims a max distance of 30km, which I have never tried (requires quite tall poles or towers to obtain line of sight). They can be had for around $90 each...

You might even be able to get by with one of these in bridging mode with your current W-LAN, but I'd verify with the manufacturer to be certain.

Using this method, you could supply the camera and bridge with local power and send the IP video stream back via wireless.
i_harfoushAuthor Commented:
which is better bridging mode or normal AP and the other Access client?
i_harfoushAuthor Commented:
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