I need to preload F4V files in flash CS4

I have an SWF movie that plays two short f4v clips. The first time I watch the SWF movie on my website the f4v clips do not start on time, there is a brief delay. If I watch the SWF movie a second time, the delay is gone. I believe this delay issue has something to do with preloading. Could someone please help me with the code necessary for preloading an f4v files so that this delay does not occur. I'm using as3 and am a total noob so I need very clear directions. Thank you very much in advance..

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that delay will always occur the first time it's viewed - it takes time to download information.  "preloading" does not solve that, and wouldn't help.  also, f4v files use "progressive download", which means they play as soon as there's enough data to display, and don't wait for the entire file to download before starting.  if you preloaded them, that (really great) functionality would be rendered immaterial, and you'd actually end up waiting longer for it to start than you would otherwise.

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