3.5 SiteMap Object using non unique Web Pages

I'm using ASP.Net 3.5 Site Map to provide navigation in a Website I'm developing.  The URL of SIteNodes must be unique for the Site Map.  I would like to use the same web page in different SiteNodes.  For example I would like to include a Client Entry Node (ClientEntry.aspx) on a Orders Node because the user will need to enter clients when entering orders.  I would also like to include the Client Enty Node on the Client Maintenance Node.  

But ASP.Net doesn't like this.

Is there any way around this?  
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xav056Connect With a Mentor Commented:
yes add a query string to your url path in the site map
lets say you have a node with a url="home.aspx"
your second node pointing to home.asp would be entered as "home.aspx?id=2" and so on
deepPowdahAuthor Commented:
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