Local Admin IRghts????

I have a computer I just set up for an existing user and wanted to let him have the ability to install new programs on his machine so added him locally to the power users group on that machine on advice from my senior engineer.

However I just had a complaint from the user that he could not install an application and needed admin rights.  

I just gave him admin rights on that machine and everything seems fine now.  I don't really want my users to have admin rights on their machines is there a better way to do this?
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Andres PeralesCommented:
Well, if you want him to operate as a regular domain user then don't give him admin rights...instead create another domain account for those users that need it...name it something like user.name.sa, put that in a security group that will be injected into the local admins group.
when they need to install software, the will / should get the prompt to elevate, then they can log in with that priviledged account.
Of course this will take user training and changing the way you do business...

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