Error: Events cannot be set on the object passed to the event binding service because.........

Hello and sorry to be posting a question around errors, but I have looked all over the web for an answer. I have not found a clear answer to why this error happens only in Design time, but not in runtime.


Events cannot be set on the object passed to the event binding service because a site associated with the object could not be located.      

Click on the Error list and this is the line of code that is pointed too:

ainTree.mainTree.NodeMouseClick += new System.Windows.Forms.TreeNodeMouseClickEventHandler(mainTree_NodeMouseClick);
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From googling a bit it seem to be a bug.
A workaround seem to be adding the event in the Form_Load event instead of in the constructor.

Either way, can you upload the project? I tried recreating the error my self, but I don't seem to get it.

Good luck.

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Corey_819Author Commented:
Funny I looked at that on google and that did not seem to fit but for some reason I read your response tried it and worked. thanks man. :)
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