Outlook Express Emails between two dates has disappeared

Dealing with a user here their emails between two certain dates eg. all emails between
Jan 07 and March 01 have disappeared.

This is probably due to their inbox.dbx being full.

How do I get these emails back.
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dekkarConnect With a Mentor Commented:
is this almost 6 years worth of email?

Does he have any mail prior to March 01?

Whats the oldest email in the inbox?

And finally, when did the user last remember these emails being there?

If anything, the old mail could be sitting in an old dbx, archived, or on another profile, or possibly on another (old) computer.

If the user has changed computers in the past 10 years,  then he would have had to move his OE dbx files etc etc along with him....

IF you have a typo... and u mean March 10 ;) then again, check the above, even though a dbx file is too large, it shouldnt just delete a chunck of emails. The dbx fle will just become corrupt and need to be repaired.

They had to have been moved somehow.
jetsonxAuthor Commented:
The .dbx file was repaired.

Thanks dekkar.

ps, the utility I used was

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