How do I image Windows 7 so I could roll out to multiple computers?

I install Windows 7 with Office 2007 I want to image the hard drive so I could load it to multiple computers in the company, is it the same as XP running sysprep and using ghost to make the image and distribute to other computers?
please advise.
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SCCMCanuckConnect With a Mentor Network AnalystCommented:
Hey Blue,

This is an extremely involved topic and would take forever to properly describe here, suffice to say sysprep is still used however it now uses .xml answerfiles instead of .txt answerfiles. Also the entire methodology has changed in regards to how syprep works. I will say that installing windows 7 from a server is now an absolute breeze and inserting oem network drivers (when needed) is very slick as well.

My best suggestion would be to download and install the Windows Automated Installation Kit for Win7 and read through its included documentation. Link Below:

Capturing and distributing the image could be done via sysprep, however as long as your machines can PXE boot ghost may just be an unnescessary cost as the network deployment tools have also improved and are included in the WAIK download. Don't expect to tackle this one in a night, i have spent almost 2 weeks of solid time researching and testing various incarnations of the new deployment tools.

I will say this however. Although it takes time on the head end to figure out, this system is very slcik once configured correctly.
SCCMCanuckNetwork AnalystCommented:
"Capturing and distributing the image could be done via sysprep,"
should read:
"Capturing and distributing the sysprepped image could be done with Norton Ghost,"
merowingerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
In my opinion the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT ) 2010 is the best way to learn the new deployment methods. MDT uses the Windows Deployment Service (WDS) and Windows Automated Installation Kit (WAIK) with all its contents (DISM...). MDT is based on scripts which automates the whole process. Also it's freeware and for everyone use.
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bluescreen02Author Commented:
Binarymime, yes I agree...
Windows deployment service was easy to setup but to automate the unattended install was a pain I can't even get it working right, I've use WAIK to connect to the network server share and ran windows server 2008 setup.
I think my choice would be "capturing and distributing the sysprepped image with ghost"
run sysprep to prepare the image, boot and connect to the network share run ghost put the image at the network share, on the new computers I would run a boot disk connect to the network share run ghost dump the image to the local drive another way could be disk to disk after running sysprep boot with a boot disk run ghost dump image from source to destination.
In my company I would not use the windows deployment service because of our point of sale system uses first boot network and I don't want to interupt that and another thing we do not have full access to servers at my company we would ask for permission before we can do anything like that..
So it would be how to sysprep windows 7, how to make an unattneded file atuomating the product key, locale, etc, a sample file would be great, lastest version of ghost?
please have a look at MDT. It's really easy to use as all processes are automated. All tasks like Capturing and Deploying are possible with Wizards
bluescreen02Author Commented:
merowinger, yes i agree with that iam looking into it...
thanks for that info.
bluescreen02Author Commented:
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