DataTable, DataTableScroller Sample Code


I saw the demo of DataTable and DataScroller - looked really good. I would like to re-use the same for my application I am developing.

I already setup RichFaces etc. and is working with Greeter tutorial explained in the documentation.


I copied the source of DataScroller in my index.jsp and modified it accordingly so it still has as the only variable. Removed other column headers and columns.


Interface is being displayed properly, when it is being run. What modifications do I need to modify to retrieve the data from the user bean?

I would like a list of names (Strings) being displayed.


I did refer sample demo of DataTable also, but it is generating many errors and not able to get it to work.


Any suggestions are appreicated.



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Post the JSP and java code.
Purdue_PeteAuthor Commented:
Kindly refer the links in my original question which takes you to the necessary code!
getters of column names
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Purdue_PeteAuthor Commented:
Kindly explain in detail what you meant!
Why is it problem for you to post your code, you said you modified it accordingly.
Now, you really want us to study those articles and all those changes described there?

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Purdue_PeteAuthor Commented:
just suggestion
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