System Freezes when I play games windows xp

When I play flash games on facebook or games from the hard drive after about 10 min or so the computer becomes completly unresponcive. i have to press the reset button to do anything.

I have checked the event log  and there are no errors.
I have updated all my drivers including the latest ati drivers video drivers.
I scanned with McAfee and Malware bytes and both came up clean.
I even went as far as updating my bios and the problem still exists.

Im stumped and am not sure what to try next... my specs are as followed

mobo:            asus m4a78-em
processor:    amd athlon 7750 duel core.
4gbs of ram
Video:            integrated ati radeon HD 3200
HDD:               Segate 1tb
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B HCommented:
try in a different web browser (firefox or internet explorer), update your java ( and update your flash player

note about flash install - download it from this link:

that will bypass all the optional garbage they try to stick you with (toolbars, security scanners, adobe download manager, etc)
note about java install - uncheck any toolbars they offer you during the install process

you would do well to uninstall mcafee and install something better, like from or
k... gonna just throw this out there. You say you are running xp. XP will not recognize 4 Gb of ram, but rather just a little over 3. I know you have 4 slots. Not sure what config of dimms you are using, but if you have 4, pull one out and test with 3 Gb. If you have 2, then pull one out and test with 2 Gb. The additional mem above 3.x Gb might be causing you problems because it can not be properly addressed.
I'd tend to agree with flubbster, especially if after 10 minutes you are running into a problem, sounds like a memory issue.

I also have a few alternative suggestions you could try:
* Check that your DirectX is also upto date:
* Check your virtual memory size, is it set to manual? If so try letting windows handle it.
* Disable Hybernation under Power Options in Control Panel if it is enabled.
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Could also be a temperature issue as well.

Monitor your temperatures with something like Speedfan

Make sure you are monitoring the GPU as well as the CPU.
Iain MacMillanIT Regional Manager - UKCommented:
you can also use the FileHippo site to get all your Flash, Java, and DX 9.0c updates

it also has a little updater program that you can run, which will scan your system, and then give you a browser page report showing what you have on your system that needs updated (covers most standard packages you need such as Browsers, Flash, Quicktime, Acrobat/Foxit PDF, DivX, CCleaner, AV packages, Antimalware etc....

might want to also check your motherboard against the Asus Support page, and get the latest chipset, audio and video drivers for your system, since they are onboard - do this first and then do yoru DX 9.0c update last.  Last DX9.0c update was Feb 2010. (latest ones at top of list, appear to been released last July)
check the cpu and disk temperatures with speedfan :
they can be overheating - and dust out the pc !
virus or spyware?Malwarebytes and spy-ware terminator
M1K3Y_GAuthor Commented:
Ok I have Updated DirectX , I downloaded speed fan and the temps are a little high (about 45c-50c) but I don't think they are high enough to make the comp crash. Also I have run Memtest and it passed. But the comp is still freezing.

Could it maybe be the on board video? is there any way to test that??
Speedfan might be able to monitor that temperature.  If not there are other utils out there that can do that.

If not try running it with the case open and a big desktop fan blowing into the guts of the computer.  That will be more than enough air to keep CPU and GPU cool.  If it runs OK like that then there is an overheating problem somewhere.

Could also be your CPU not sitting down correctly in its slot or the heatsink not sitting correctly on the CPU or the thermal compound not doing its job properly as well.
were those the temperatures when PLAYing those games?  then indeed it is no temperature problem.
you can check if the system freeze when running from a live cd, like Knoppix :
open you pc and have a fan blow air over the inside of the system.if the pc takes longer to freeze you have a temp problem.
try this codec for direct draw issues
what type of games on the hard drive? war lots of milita? heavy on the 3D?? have you changed any settings in the games so they run outside of the recomended for your video card? shadings ..
make sure you have the latest shockwave player 11
 and  >>defragged the hard drive <<<

clear out the temp IE files and folders delete history etc. once your IE cache is reached lockups can occur when online
ccleaner is a good tool for cleanup maintinence
run a memtest
the hard drive you have is a seagate sometimes have issues with speed and firmware upgrades.. preferred is western digital.
Check your events to see if windows has logged an event
M1K3Y_GAuthor Commented:
So it turns out that I was something to do with windows xp. I was planning to upgrade to windows 7 anyway so i tried that and everything works great now. No freezing or crashing.

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Cool, maybe the upgrade also updated all the necessary drivers. And upgraded the directx version. W7 uses Direct x 11

What did you do to windowsxp??
Glad to hear it's resolved if you don't need any further assistance please accept your comment as the solution.
Have a Great Day
I stand by my original comment about the memory. Windows 7 will use the additional memory that xp was not able to use. You never said if you tested it by removing the memory above 3 Gb.
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