Dell Inspiron 1440 Display

I replaced the LCD in a Inspiron 1440 laptop for a customer awhile back, the original had been damaged when tossed into a back seat.
It worked great for two weeks, but then went black again.
I looked it over and felt I got a bum screen, so I got an RMA and another was sent to me. But, lo and behold, it doesn't work either.
When I hook a monitor to the laptop, works great, but not on the laptop.
I get no glow around the edges, and the cable from the screen to the motherboard doesn't seem damaged, but that is kind of all that's left, isn't it?


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B HConnect With a Mentor Commented:
if it's a weak solder joint, it could be affected by the way the laptop is sitting, or even temperature changes.  if there's a short, or something else it might be sending too much power to the display and frying the inverter/backlight too

or he could be throwing it into his back seat like he did before, when you're not looking
B HCommented:
can you run it with the top flap open, so you can see the connector?  if so, press your finger on the connector on the motherboard, and kinda move it side to side a little with downward pressure - does the screen light up at all, or act like there's something loose on that connector?
toe_masAuthor Commented:
just tried it, no difference.
Another thought, I suppose it couldn't be the cable as it worked for a couple weeks before it went.
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B HCommented:
i was thinking it might be a bent pin inside the connector fixed onto the motherboard, where the cable plugs in

if you're reasonably sure the screen, inverter and backlight are good, and the cable is good... there's not much else troubleshooting that can be done.

since you have external video, it's not a bad video card/chip... which leaves only a short on the motherboard, or a de-soldered connector on the internal connector that receives the display panel wire
toe_masAuthor Commented:
That is pretty much what I had it boiled down to also...

Yes, two screens, both new, doing the same thing.

I only question that cable, but why after two weeks of working is what gets me.

And of course, sorely needed, rush job, can't wait for anything type of customer :)

I'll wait and see if anyone else has an idea, then close the question, thanks for the help!
toe_masAuthor Commented:
yup, I considered that too!
toe_masAuthor Commented:
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