Digital Asset Management System Recommendations?


I am currently scoping the digital asset management options for a company I work with. My needs are:

1. The digital asset management software will be used to hold images (upwards of 1,000 images)
2. It will need to be accessible to internal and external stakeholders
3. Both internal and external parties will be able to upload and download to the system
4. Reliable connection needed
5. Quick download response times
6. Secure

Wondering if anyone can recommend an appropriate system to look into?
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spogsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Check out Extensis Portfolio...

Do you want this system to be hosted or are you going to host yourself.

1. 1000 images is relatively small.  All systems that suit the rest of your needs will have this.
2. Extensis does this.  So does canto cumulus.
3. Check
4. Depends if you host or not.  If you host this is up to you.
5. Same as answer 4.
6. Same as answer 4.

DozingquinnAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your help.
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