Public folder free/busy problem during coexistence - Exchange 2003 - 2007

I'm in the middle of an Exchange 2007 migration and the Outlook 2007 clients with Exchange 2003 mailboxes cannot retreive free/busy data for some of the Exchange 2007 users.

Two Exchange 2007 mailbox servers. One 07 server has a PF database and the other 07 mailbox server does not.

The Exchange 2003 users can see free/busy data for the 07 users on the server that has a PF DB but they cannot see free/busy data for users on the second 07 mbox server.

The Exchange 2007 users on both mbox servers can see everyone's free/busy data without issue.

I set the mailbox database on the second 07 server to use the PF database on the first 07 server.

Seems like the free/busy data from the second 07 server is just not getting to the free/busy folders so that Exchange 2003 clients can see it.

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adiloadiloConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Follow this article to replicate the folders if you do  noot want to decommision yet
Outlook 2007 retrieve other’s Free/Busy information by querying the other’s calendar folder directly through Availability Service. Outlook 2003 retrieve other’s Free/Busy by querying the information from the Free/Busy system folder in the Public Folder store.
are all clients outlook 2003 or outlook 2007 ?
are the affected users mailbox on exchange 2003 or exchange 2007 ?
if clients are using outlook 2003 , follow this kb article to fix the issue
LN41Author Commented:
All clients are outlook 2007. Users that have Exchange 2003 mailboxes cannot read the free/busy data of Exchange 2007 mailboxes on the second Exchange 2007 server which does not have a public folder database on it.
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LN41Author Commented:
Same behavior through OWA
LN41Author Commented:
My question at this point is: Does every Exchange 2007 mailbox server require a public folder database so that Exchange 2003 users can read free/busy info?
if you have mixed enviroment yes , you should either decommision 2003 exchange or create a temp public folder on exchange 2007 and replicate it from exchange 2003 free bussy folder
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