Iphone sync problem

Hi guys
since last week my iphone is not synchronizing with itunes anymore.
I notice only because I could not find a new contact I inserted in iphone in my outlook contacts.
I use windows 7 64 bits.
also the contact I changed in outlook is not changing in the iphone.
I already re-install the itunes and after it sometimes it shows an error informing that the sync is not enabled in my computer.
"iTunes cannot sync information with the iPhone because syncing has been disabled on this computer. Do you want to enable syncing"
when I click yes it shows another error
"itunes was unable to load provider data from sync service. reconnect or try again later"
any idea?

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Check this link. They talk about everything from uninstalling everything Apple and reinstalling to copying dlls from one folder to another.
The dll copy solution is mentioned again here
jackdaniel_chinaAuthor Commented:
thanks for your feedback Lee
but the error message does not show up anymore, but it still does not sync.
there is no any error in the screen. it shows sync completed but actually neither outlook and iphone were updated.
Silly question?
How is the Sync defined in iTunes?
It could be set to manually or it could be that Outlook is set not to Sync.
Just check your Sync options in iTunes
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jackdaniel_chinaAuthor Commented:
Hello Xema
my sync in itunes is defined to merge contacts with outlook.
not sure in outlook where it can be set to not sync, but in itunes the sync options are to sync emails/calendar/notes with outlook (merge).

I have uninstalled all apple software, deleted all folders and remain register keys, re-install it, and nothing make it works.
sometimes the sync option simple disappear and I set again, than the error messages I describe show up, I close itunes, open again, it "sync" without error, but actually i does not sync with outlook at all.
I find so many people in the internet with the same problem, I am sure it's a problem in the itunes new version but apple wouldn't say.
thank you
I have found that downgrading iTunes had fixed this kind of problem
jackdaniel_chinaAuthor Commented:
I downloaded the version 9.0.3 and the problem persist.
I found people who had the same problem and downgrade till version 8 and the problem persists.

I will uninstall again all apple software and remove all remain register keys as well the files and try to install an older version again.

keep posted.

ps: I have 2 friend with the same problem, after upgrade to version 9.1 cannot sync anymore, apple is getting really close to microsoft in the market even in bugs... disappointing
jackdaniel_chinaAuthor Commented:
Hi Xema

thanks for your help, I had try to sync with a completely clean new profile and it does not work.
the problem is to sync my contacts and calendar, notes, the musics and application are ok.

right now the sync is as the first problem, it does not shows any error, just do not sync.
if I copy the files as above mentioned in one of suggestions than it crashes the ituneshelper.exe and the options on the dropdown become emplty.
I have 2 friends with exactly the same problem after update to the latest version of itunes and even trying to downgrade it does not work.
thanks for your help!
Just try downloading to a itunes 8.x
I think it had worked for others

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jackdaniel_chinaAuthor Commented:
It's become a joke!
now after reinstall the version 8 the itunes does not open at all...
itunes cannot run because required files are missing

I re-installed the quicktime as some suggestions but it does not solved.

jackdaniel_chinaAuthor Commented:
Hi Xema/Everybody
finally after losing a whole week I am able to sync my contacts and calendar again.
I had to:
remove itunes
remove quicktime
remove all apple software (update checker, etc...)

clean the registry

delete all apple folders in:
%program files%
%program files (x86)%

download the version (itunes + quicktime)

after it works, but I am really disappointed with apple.
thanks all
hope they assume the error and fix it soon.

ps: if someone needs to do as above, be careful to do import your applications from iphone first otherwise you will lose everything. The library cannot be opened because it has being migrated to the newest version as well, so if you do not sync all musics/videos you will need to create them again.

jackdaniel_chinaAuthor Commented:
jackdaniel_chinaAuthor Commented:
Follow above steps done over Wema's comments.
Thanks for the points and I'm glad you fi¡xed myour problem
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