Power adapter for 4kva UPS

What is the power requirement for installing a single 4kva or more UPS ? I saw some article that it could be plugged directly to a power socket and it need to directly connect to the MCB box (a individual MCB separate from office's MCB). Can anyone give me more idea on this ? Do I need to consider the size of RCD , RCA and fuse  ?

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Depends on the model and your facility.  I have all 3KVA and lower, so take this with a grain of salt.

This is for UPS system that has its own output receptacles (3-10KVA).  Above 10KVA, the output is hardwiring into your own distribution system.

3-4KVA UPS from APC is still able to be plugged into a dedicated receptacle with a 3-prong NEMA L6-30.  Hard wiring is optional.  Input power is 220/240 (208VAC in USA).  Hardwired is also 3 wires: hot-hot-ground.

I'm not sure how an RCD would work with a large  Aren't those typically installed on single-phase, where there is a hot-to-ground problem?  Phase-to-phase and phase-to-neutral would not trip an RCD.

GFI/GFCI in the USA are only installed on 120V outlets in designated locations, such as outdoors or near water.  All of the 120V outlets in the server room have no GFI protection, and aren't required by code.

It's often convenient to have a sub-panel run to your data room.  This makes add/moves more cost efficient.  You need to make a large gauge cable run only once from your main panels.  Figure your needs plus 100%.  I have a subpanel with 60A on each of 3 phases.  Enough for two moderately loaded racks plus a 3-ton HVAC unit.  Lighting circuits are separate runs to different panels, since they are 277VAC.

Having your own dedicated sub-panel also avoids accidental shutdown by other personnel.  I fought with a factory floor that used the circuit breakers to turn off lights.  They kept tripping the breakers that fed the network and servers.

Your local codes are surely different than mine.  You should definitely consult with a qualified electrician who knows your jurisdiction.

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