Is there an exact science to determining what causes T1 line code and path code violations

We currently are experiencing a lot of packet drops between two point to point routers using T1 CSU/DSU cards. The controller statistics indicate the majority of the errors are line and path code violation. Is there a methodology to tackling this sort of issue were as, one goes through a series of definite tests and eventually solves the problem.
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keshavj22Connect With a Mentor Commented:
First one would be to have a line tester and one end and loop at the other, test the line for 24 hours.

move on from the results of the test.

most likely it would be one the three -> Clocking / line / hardware issue.

Please post configurations of this T1 Interfaces
Call your telco to test the T1 line, if they come back and say it was clean that only means they put it through an auto test for all of 10 seconds ask them to test for at least 20 mins.  If you have a lot of errors they will detect them with in 5 mins.  Generally this is a circuit probably either the T1 cable pairs or the extended wiring if you have that in your building.
shlairsheAuthor Commented:
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