My laptop infected by w32/autorun.worm.zzk. I scanned my laptop with mcafee it showing nothing found. some time mcafee capturing the autorun worm from systemvolumeinformation folder. Mcafee unable to delete or clean this worm. I try with combofix. combofix did not find any virus in my laptop.

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rpggamergirlConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Any viruses or worm in that folder is harmless till you decide to roll back and use that particular infected point. Any viruses in that folder is easily remove by just turning off System Restore and viruses are gone.
Check out this article:

How to turn Off and On System Restore:
Also if you're running ComboFix, please attach the logfile here so we can check it to make sure it's clean.
If running Combofix don't worry about turning System Restore off just yet.
rajasekarramasamyAuthor Commented:
Hi rpggamergirl,

Previously i scanned my laptop with combofix in normal mode. Now i scanned with combofix in safemode. Virus has been removed from my laptop.

Thank you.
ComboFix was designed to run in normal mode, safe mode is only needed if PC can't boot normally.
Glad to know it's resolved.
When you're done with ComboFix you can uninstall it.

To uninstall Combofix:
Go to Start > Run and 'copy and paste' next command in the field:

ComboFix /Uninstall

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