MS Office doesn't function


I have MS Office 2007 installed in my machine (and only Excell 2003), when i oppen MS Word 2007 it takes some time, then it runs the configuration (print screen attached) and says configuration in progress. after it completes it asks for reboot. when i reboot and come back and start MS office 2007 it again does the same thing.

When i run MS access it doesn't open it at all and gives error" the application failed to initialize properly (0xcoooooo6) click OK to terminate the application"

i removed the MS office completely and re-installed, it didn't fix the problem, i repaired MS office and repaired Windows, but still the problem was not resolved.

Please help.
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I've always tried to avoid running 2 versions of Office at the same time. (2003 & 2007), It often seems to cause problems.

I suggest that you un-install Excel 2003 & Office 2007. Then run the installer clean-up program from here:
Running the clean-up program will just install the software. Then run the software & look for instances of MS Office & remove them. Reboot & install Office 2007.
In support of the above suggestion to run the clean-up program, i'd suggest to do a scandisk on you C drive as well.
run system restore to before you installed office 2007.uninstall 2003 ,reboot pc and then install 2007.update all service pack for 2007
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helpdesk93Author Commented:
did all those mentioned things, no luck yet.
Just to see if it is a profile problem, create a new profile with administrator rights.
Then see if it still give you the same problem under the new profile?
There is some internal issues. Reinstall MS Office
helpdesk93Author Commented:
i checked it from the user profile, and the administrator. the same problem

i re-installed MS office like 3 times, but still no luck.
helpdesk93Author Commented:
The solution was just Format, i didn't get any solutions.

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