C++ booking system

i have created a reservation system and want get to the next level
the system is a cruise ship with three levels. Each level conatins different cabin classes
i have done a 3d array ie cabin[row][column][level] and there is 52 cruises throught out the year
now what i have done works reads,writes [there are 52 text files this was easier with the availability details] etc but now i want to take it further and have the user input a date instead of cruise number (1-52) and need a way or someone to point me in the right direction.
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George TokasCommented:
The most simple way:
Take as input the date.
Convert it to a number.
April 7 2010 = 04072010
This will be your next data text file.

George Tokas.
bobby101Author Commented:
ok, i have 52 files names roomBooking1.txt ... 52 so do i change the file names to the numeric date?
bobby101Author Commented:
how do i get week number of a given date?
bobby101Author Commented:
so far i have done this:
int week;
 char date[3];
 struct tm tim;
 time_t now;
 now = time(NULL);
 tim = *(localtime(&now));
 week = atoi(date);
 cout << week;
just to get the week number of today but
i want the user to input a date is 19/4/2010
and it picks it up to get the week number, please help!!

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