how to configure DHCP to working with 3 different Vlans?

Hi all
we are planning to devided our network to 3 VLANs firest one will include our servers and Domain controller . the second and the third will include the users and we will configure our core switch to route paths between them and configure Domain controller to see these new sites
the firest VLAN with IP range   subnet mask ( for servers and it will be configured with static IPs )
the second VLAN with IP range  subnet mask
the third VLAN with IP range     subnet mask
so the quetion is how do I configure the Domain DHCP to work with 2 different VLANs and what is the configuration must I do to implement this task ?
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Premkumar YogeswaranSr. Analyst - System AdministratorCommented:
PLace the DHCP Server in anyof the VLAN in your network.

Since you are having 3 networ you need 3 routers for that to interconnect the network

You need to configure the DHCP Relay agent in the router by mentioning the IP Address of the DHCP server.

So this will provide the IP Address from DHCP Server from different network.
For cisco equipment for example:

conf t
  int vlan 2
  ip helper-address <ip address of dhcp in vlan 1>

conf t
  int vlan 3
  ip helper-address <ip address of dhcp in vlan1>
asfourcrystalAuthor Commented:
and if we talk about HP procurve 5400 core switch ?
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i have little to no experience with HP Switches, but should be very similar (you can always telnet to the switch and use the ? eh :))
You need to define the default gateway on the router interfaces. You may have 2 or more interfaces on your router ( i use Cisco 3750s as my core routing system with multiple interfaces)
I wouldrecommend the following (this depends on how you have your system setup but will serve for a flat network with vlan aware edge switches)
  • Management network as VLAN 1 (static addresses for switches and management devices)
  • Production network network VLAN 2 (static address for servers, DNS, DHCP, print server etc)
  • Other subnet as VLAN 3
  • Other subnet as VLAN 4
A)  - Firstly, you need to create your new Scopes on your DHCP server
  • On DHCP > Create new scope> VLAN  3 > IPAddress range = to .250 (leave .254 for the default gateway and leave some for printers)
  • On the DHCP configuration, set the default gateway for the client as and subnet mask as
  • On DHCP > Create new scope> VLAN 4 > Ip address range = to .250
  • On the DHCP configuration, set the default gateway for the client as and subnet mask as
B) - On your router you will need to define your VLANs
As above, for Cisco kit, telnet to the router
1) Type - config t
int VLAN 1
description Management vLAN
Ip address 10.10.?.254
ip helper-address 10.10.?.? (Your DHCP Server IP address)
2) type config t
int VLAN 2
description Production vLAN
Ip address 10.10.?.254
ip helper-address 10.10.?.? (Your DHCP Server IP address)
3) Type config t
int VLAN 3
description ???????????? vLAN
Ip address
ip helper-address 10.10.?.? (Your DHCP Server IP address)
4) Type config t
int VLAN 4
description ???????????? vLAN
Ip address
ip helper-address 10.10.?.? (Your DHCP Server IP address)
 Ensure your switch/router has IP routing enabled and ensure your firewall router points all traffic to the routers IP address for it to route etc
On the router you need to setup a trunk to your edge switches and setup the vlans on the switches. Then filter doewn the switch ports to allow certain VLANs only.
When the client send out a DHCP request, the router will know what interface that came in on, say VLAN 3, and will point you to the DHCP server. The returned server acknowledgement will routed back to that interface as the router knows what to do and will give the correct IP range. Clever stuff really :o)
Hope that helps. Any questions let me know. It would help further to know what kit you are using for this and how your system is setup.

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The HP commands are similar so as suggested use the help within the telnet session.  The network suggestion above gives you directions on what to do, you just have to follow that using the HP syntax and it'll work fine.
Hi, do you need any further help with this?
Hi Do you need any further help with this? Has it helped you?
I have taken a lot of my time and given a very comprehensive answer in order to help the poster. I wish I had had this type of information when I was looking to do the same thing.
Would recommend leaving this for others to benefit from even if the poster doesn't apprciate it.
"Mission is done"?????? Good job we don't keep our knowlegde to ourselves. Bit miffed to say the least as the poster hasn't even replied!
Sorry really haven't time to spend on this within timeframe. Do as you see fit, but I certainly wouldn't refund anything! Keep up the good work.
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