Caret Position in Textarea using IE8 and Javascript

I need to find the current caret (cursor) position in a textarea in Internet Explorer 8.  The attached code works in firefox, but not in IE8.  It has provision for IE but I think it only works in IE7, there is a problem with the createRange in IE8 when nothing is actually selected.

I need the position of the caret, relative to the start of the text in the textarea, the content may include new lines, etc.
// Function used to get caret's position
getCaretPosition = function(oField)
	// Initialize
	var iCaretPos = 0;

	// IE Support
	if (document.selection)
		oField.focus ();
		// To get cursor position, get empty selection range
		var oSel = document.selection.createRange();

		// Move selection start to 0th position
		oSel.moveStart("character", 0 - oField.value.length);

		// The caret position is selection length
		iCaretPos = oSel.text.length;
	// Firefox support
	else if (oField.selectionStart || oField.selectionStart == "0")
		iCaretPos = oField.selectionStart;

	// Return results
	return (iCaretPos);

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photondesignAuthor Commented:
Looks promising.  I will give it a go tonight and see how it goes.  Thanks.
You're welcome!
photondesignAuthor Commented:
I used bits of that code rather than using the actual module. As it was an modification to the jquery autocorrect module that I was creating.  Now all works great. Thanks.
Thanks for the points!
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