I want to singularly able to see per user host ip network bandwidth usage. Unfortunately i have pix 515e which will not support cisco netflow. So i am considering implementing
span feeding to ntop.

i have 5 switches ranging from 3750 and 2960   2 48 ports and 3 24 ports
What i am thinking doing is configuring rspan moniotring the user + server vlans
i presume i will configure rspan as the actually access ports in vlans are over muliple switches??  
i am very worried about performance hit of the rspan on this scale?? They will mainly mainly monitoring fa 100mbs source ports and the destination port will be Gi Can anyone advise if they implemented and how they found it??
BarepAssetsSys AdminAsked:
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BarepAssetsConnect With a Mentor Sys AdminAuthor Commented:
i found out this would be way intensive on the switch the recommend is you do not overcommit as much as this as overcomming can cause problem with the source port
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