egroupware shared calendar synchronisation with thunderbird lighning /sunbird usign webdav - looking for example deployments

Dear Experts,

We need a shared calendar within a small company (<20 persons).
When we schedule meetings (we mostly use calendar invitations sent by mail, from TB+lighning or KMail or Outlook) we want to see other's calendars to find a time acceptable for all participants.

We consider using egrouware. It has s WebDAV interface for calendar sharing, we already tested it with TB, we set up individual calendars on egroupware and synchronised with TB.
It basically works but with some problems (errors, long sync time etc.). So this is one issue to get it working smooth.
Further we'd like see other's calendars. We've found egroupware can create and provide (via webdav) a group calendar which we can view in TB. But, lightnign has a function Invite Attendees which shows a kind of shared calendar view. Seems perfect for us, but we don't have any idea how to setup this.

We can't find any documentation, we also haven't found any examples, guides on the net.

We are looking for a "success story" to know if this direction make sense.

Other solutions are also possible (except MS based, our network is purely OS).

Best Regards,
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Jason WatkinsIT Project LeaderCommented:
Zimbra w/o the mail component?

rklegerAuthor Commented:
Frebar, Thanks for hint. What is you experience in using them with TB? Can you confirm this combination works ok?
Jason WatkinsIT Project LeaderCommented:
We use Zimbra (with the mail component) primarily where I work. No Outlook/Exchange here.

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rklegerAuthor Commented:
Thanks, we are trying it. I'll provide feedback as soon as we have results.
Running a small company with approx 30 person here on eGroupware.

We have groupdav enabled and in use with Webinterface and Thunderbird.
And yes, calendar-entries can be grouped by the default user group.

Additionally we have our project-lifetimes shown in Headline of calendar module. (own extension)
rklegerAuthor Commented:
Did you get free/busy diagram working when adding invitees? What version of eGW and TB are you using?
We do not use the free/busy information availible through
(this url returns a *.fbi-file)

..tested it a second ago and it seems to work.

We view the calendar of other employees inside the Webinterface of egroupware.

eGW: EPL 9.2
Tbird: some 2.x versions, and 3.x version

Perhaps you might contact me to discuss (german/english supported) your eGW-Integration.
rklegerAuthor Commented:
Sorry for late reply...

To clarify:
My preferred soultuin would be:
1) Every user moves his individual work calendar to calendar server and links to is from lightning
2) The calendar serves supports free-busy extension so everybody can see others availablity (no details) when scheduling a new meeting
3) It would be also nice to have a read-only group calendar, combining all public evens from all group members calendars. Every user would link to this calendar from lightning too.
4) Having access to group calendar from a web interface would be also nice, but we don't want to rely on this.

@firebar: About zimbra, I set it up and will be testing.  how it works on your side?  Which of the  features above work on your side?

@cf13: The same question about eGW. The version you meant is this paid one?
Jason WatkinsIT Project LeaderCommented:
Zimbra is used mostly for e-mail, where I am, though many make use of the Calendar component. Another product, not freeware, which will do all of the above is Meetingmaker.
Yes, we are using a eGroupware EPL.
I do not know exactly what the changes are, but you get support including your contract.

This is a very useful thing in daily business cases - regarding IT ;)
rklegerAuthor Commented:
I did not get all my questions answered.
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