Citrix Web Interface 4.6 configuration for Load balance


I want to install and Web Interface server for citrix web user.

I have one server which have two physical NIC. I have installed HP utility and configured load balance on those PHysica NIC.

Now if I configure Web Interface on that server the load will be balanced on two NIC and it will be fine

But if I want to configure same like another server and want to load balance this Web Interface server for "Server failure". But user will be accessing only one site.

Could you please let me know How do I dot that.

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LKaushalConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi, For this you need to use 'Load Balancer'. You can either buy any Hardware load balancer from market which will be bit costly.

Else, try MS NLB (Network Load Balancing) Clustering to load balance Web Interface servers.

Here is the document explaining it --> 
sarkarsoumik07Author Commented:
Thanks... Good Information,

Just one query.. Let say while upgrading the web interface, I think I need to remove one server (in case of hardware load balance) load balance and upgrade it and  then join back again.
Alos need to do the same procedure for others which are part of the load balance..
Is that correct?

Or any otther ways are there for doing this....
LKaushalConnect With a Mentor Commented:
No, you have to do it manually on both nodes (unless you are using some automation product - which will be expensive).
sarkarsoumik07Author Commented:
Solution was nice. Exact information..

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