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Steps to get XenApp 6 in work


I have Windows 2008 R2 Server that I want to use XenApp 6 with

now I have few question on how:

1- what roles and settings I need to get the Apps to be (online and offline)?
2- what roles and settings I need to get showing full Desktop or/and Apps ?
3- when installing do I need to have sprated servers for the lisencing + datastore and the apps server? can I have them all in one server?
4- do I need the Windows server to be connected to the AD before or after I install XenApp 6
5- do you have any simple toterial (website) to get going?

I followed this video http://www.citrix.com/tv/#videos/1911  and in the end it did not work!
I can not connect to the server and the webserver not starting and some errors and headachs

is it that hard to get it working?

now I have a fresh system ready to start again! (vmwware guest)

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1 Solution
1. Online meas Published application, desktop or content and Offline meas - Streaming. So, you can go with online option for now.
2. Check this --> http://support.citrix.com/proddocs/index.jsp 
3. It is always recommended to have separate servers for licensing, data store, etc. However, if this is just for your learning environment, you can have everythiong on one box. (But as thought, if you have x64 VT complaint box, then install XenServer - it's free, and then virtualize your XenAPP environment. You can have multiple machine running different roles).
4. Entirely on you, if you want AD users to access this environment, then yes. Otherwise, XA6 can be installed on 'workgroup' also, your local machine users will then can have permission to lauch published apps.
5. http://support.citrix.com/proddocs/index.jsp 
Data-BaseAuthor Commented:
the box will be for small group around 40 user in a pruduction env. and we have ESX4
we use AD
Then best is to atleast use two different server for load balancing and fault toleracnce purpose... You can have License server installed on any box as even LS is down (after first successfull connect to XA) there is a out of box grace period of 30 days so evythg work....
Data-BaseAuthor Commented:
Thanks allot

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