How to send a meeting invite from Outlook and selecting the account which it must be sent from

I have a few pop and 1 exchange account in my Outlook profile. When I send a meeting invite I am unable to selct the "from" account as it defaults to the exchange account, even when NOT connected to exchange.

Please help me how to select another (pop) account as the from account.

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To send a message with a different email address in the From: line, do the following

Create a new message in Outlook.

Under Outlook 2007:
Go to the Options tab  and Click Show From
Under Outlook 2003:
Select View | From Field from the menu to make sure it is checked.
In order to send a meeting appointment on someone else's behalf, you must be a delegate of thier calendar. If you have the permissions, you need to open thier calendar from within outlook. From thier calendar double click the day that you would like to have the meeting, and it will create a new meeting request. If you look at the scheduling, you will see the other person specified as the "Meeting Organizer".
Hope this helps.
GeorgeFurnellAuthor Commented:
Sorry guys no you misunderstood the question.

The problem is that I have no way of setting the "from" email address since Outlook would AWAYS default to the Exchange account email, even if there is other pop accounts in the Outlook profile.

Robberbaron (robr)Commented:
for OL07, I get this screen when creating a new meeting request..  I have 3 email account set up (admittedly all POP), and get to choose which one to send from.

just click the drop-down and select the desired account.  If not, it uses the default account.


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