Multiselect Jquery plugin

Hi Experts,
I am using JQuery in
I am using the plugin from
Instead of select,I set the values to the Listbox dynamically.
So instead of specifying values at design time, i fetch it from database and attached to the ListBox.
This is working fine.
But I have one problem,whenever I hit refresh or any postback happens on the page,the List looses its styling.Rest functionality is fine.
It is happening in IE but in Mozilla it is behaving fine.
The verion of IE is 6.
Is there anything I can do about,to get it worked in IE?
Johny BravoAsked:
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SleepinDevilConnect With a Mentor Commented:
IE6 is redundant and most of the functionality which exists in modern browsers does not exist in IE6. Whenever I design webpages I make it so that a bar popups at the top of the page for IE6 users telling them to upgrade (eg my website at : the page looks hideous on IE6 and looks great on other newer browsers).

You should not bother too much about providing full compatibility with IE6 users, instead add a similar bar like I have to let them know to upgrade to something newer or face the consequences. There are only about 5% of the internet still using IE6 (something like 40% of the internet is browsed with IE out of the IE browsers only 10% is IE6 the rest is IE7+) don't quote me on that though...

If you decide to provide full compatibility for IE6 users, good luck.
Johny BravoAuthor Commented:
Hmmm I think I could find some other way round
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