E-mail verification when User submits data via Survey?

On our Intranet, I've setup a simple survey that any User can access.

Upon submission, the User lands on a Thank You page.


I also want the User to recieve an e-mail verification their survey was submitted. I thought about Alerts but now sure if it's the best approach.
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jcroexbdConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Submission is the same as creation, right?

So you could use workflow, configure it to automatically start when a new item is created and then in Step 1:

Send an email > To > Lookup Details > Current Item, Created by

That sends an email as soon as they click the OK.

Workflow has a really easy wizard in SharePoint designer, a free download from MS.
You could write an event handler that detects when the survey is complete and sends the appropriate email from there.

check this for solution,
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