ZyXEL wireless router not working correctly


Im seem to having a strange issue with my ZyXEL NWA-3500 AP working with my linksys switch.

The problem is that when I connect the AP via PoE the switch is giving it power but the AP does not seem to book correctly and I cannot connect to the admin console and no SSID is being broadcast.

When I check the AP on the switch the Oper status syas its down instead of up which seems strange.

Also when I turn off the POE on the port on the switch and use the mains adaptor everything works fine.

All the firmware is up to date on both the AP and switch and I have connected a different PoE AP to the same port & patch and works fine.

We have 2 of the Zyxels in the office and it has happended to both of them.

I have tried resetting the router to factory settings and still the same problem.

I can't see how it will be related to a problem we had when our domain controller server went but we restored from a bare metal backup so everything would of been restored to the same state as the night before it went.

Any ideas please?
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Seems the AP isn't getting enough power. It's best to call zyxel support for this matter.
AcclaimMattCAuthor Commented:
Have given zyxel support a ring and they were of no use at all. They wanted me to do the tests I have already done then said they have no clue what is wrong and could give me no more assistance.
Something wrong with the PoE adapter.
There are a couple of diiferences in PoE.
Check if the voltage of the POE matches the voltage of the Zyxel. As far as I know, Your zyxel needs 12V - 1,5 amps.

Check if you get 12Volts behind the POE injector.
If so, it could also fail giving the needed 1.5 amps.

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AcclaimMattCAuthor Commented:
Was good help.
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