Outlook crash

I have a user whith an Outllook crashing every time he opens it. Every time you open this outlook it crashes, opening in safe mode is fine.
It was Outlook 2003 as the rest of his office, now is 2007 as I've tried updating it to see if it worked.
I've also, re-created his profile and change from cached mode to no-cached (this user uses a laptop).
I've googled it and I just can't find a fix for it.

I need help here, anybody?

(OS is XP SP3, Windows domain with an SMTP exchange local to users)
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txarli33Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I found the solution!
It wasn't related to Outlook or office, at least not directly.
It was his windows roaming profile, probably something corrupted in it was affecting outlook, I've now recreated it and Outlook is working fine.

Thanks to all for your help
if any addon is added in his profile remove it. I would also recommend you to reinstall it with minimum settings.
Can you please tell me if an error message also appears on crashing. If yes then place the error message over here.
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txarli33Author Commented:
do you mean add-ins?
he has a few... not sure how to un-install them though
txarli33Author Commented:
the error message is quite general:
'microsoft office outlook has encountered a problem and need to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience (send error report / don't send error report)'
Also in the event log I got:
'Faulting application outlook.exe version 12.x.x..., faulting module mso.dll version 12.x.x...., debug? 0, fault address 0x0003aed2'

Opening fine in safe mode means it is an add-in causing the error
Open outlook in safe mode, then click on tools -> Trust Centre -> Select Add-ins from left
At the bottom right, make sure "COM Add-ins" is selected in the drop-down box and click GO
un-check all the add-ins and try restarting outlook and check if the problem goes away, if it does then you can start enabling the add-ins you only need, or re-enable them individually till you find out which one was causing the problem
txarli33Author Commented:
Same thing
I've un-checked all the add-ins in the list but it is still crashing the same way
txarli33Author Commented:
Outlook actually, now starts up fine but as soon as you click on something (like opening an email) it crashes again.

So frustrating
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