How to restore all local drive using Bare Metal Restore


I need to restore all local drive include system drive from one server to another similar server
how can I do this using BMR

netbackup 6.5.4
Master server on windows 2003

Thank you
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dovidmichelConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Restore the C: & System State, then restart the system and restore the rest.

Be forward if the hardware is different special steps are needed. Best to install the drivers from the new system that are different at the old system, then do a new backup and restore from that. This way the needed drivers will be present when doing the restore.
How familiar are you with Netbackup?
Did you install it or you an admin that gets to figure it out?

There are a couple of different ways to do a BMR(either by boot disk that you create using a wizard or doing a PXE boot using your network card).

From there you would log into the restore tree and choose from the database the restore method you would like to use.

Be careful with the BMR in that if two exactly named servers are on the same subnet,strange things can happen.
By far the easiest and best software I am aware of is ShadowProtect by StorageCraft.  Not only does it do BMR it also is able to do HIR (Hardware Independent Restore).  The software is reasonably priced.
omar2010Author Commented:
Thanks you for your reply
all server are same model
I work as admin only, i have BMR Disk ,
what I did is i have server 1 is up and running , server 2 has no OS, all server has 4 hard-disk striped as Raid 5 with 3 Partition C,D,E.
I copy current configuration for server1 to current1 change MAC address & IP to match server2,
from volume unmap all partition except C,D,E
after doing restore its only show C partition , no other partition display even in windows Disk Management
I am stuck here until now
omar2010Author Commented:
Thank you
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