Font changing when filling in forms

A member of staff has created lots of word documents where most of the body of text should not be touched.
Therefore in the areas where writing is permitted, text form fields have been inserted and the document then protected.
Now, when users download these documents, the font it was created in shows, their font is the same, but, when they start typing in the form fields, it always comes out as Times New Roman and bold.
Any ideas how we keep it as the default font of the user, or the default font it was written in.
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Justin ImesFull Time SharePoint JediCommented:
if you click on the editable form fields you should be able to give it a font style, make sure they are all set to the same font.
jasonbourneciaAuthor Commented:
I've attached a jpg.
If you hover over the font in the document, it says Futura. I cannot find any place to change it form Times New Roman
Justin ImesFull Time SharePoint JediCommented:
right, when you click on the text form, go to the top and change the font. See if that helps.

I was able to change the font just on the text forms when i tested this

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jasonbourneciaAuthor Commented:
I hope you dont mind me putting 'B' jimes82, but I spotted the answer. The box 'Limit formatting to a selection of styles' was ticked.
I've never played with it, but as our company, for some bizarre reason, uses Futura, that obvioulsy was not being recognised.
I unticked it and all good.
You got me on the hunt, so I awarded the points.
If you're not happy with a 'B' let me know.
Justin ImesFull Time SharePoint JediCommented:
no problem, glad i could help
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