Need help with Motorised Satellite dish alignment

I am in Glasgow, UK and I have installed a 100cm Satellite motorised TV dish. With the current alignmnet I am only able to pick up channels on 19.2E, 7W and 8W.

Can anyone suggest what I should be adjusting and why it is off?


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I need you:
satellite make and model

See if I can help you then.

aidebAuthor Commented:

This is the pack I bought

100cm Dark Grey High Gain Soild Satellite Dish
Superior Dark Metal Gear Motor DiSEqC 1.2 / 1.3 Usals H-H Motor with GoTo-X
 Smart Single Titanium 0.1dB Low Noise Universal TS LNB

I switched the LNB for a dual feed (as I am likely to leave it parked normally at one sat). My postcode is G76

Thanks for your help!


Any particular Satellite?

Heres the data for 28.2E Astra 2A-B-D:

Your Location       Satellite Data       Dish Setup Data
Latitude: 36.893°
Longitude: 118.522°
Name: 28.2E Astra 2A-B-D
Distance: 42670km
Azimuth (true): 90.2°
Azimuth (magn.): 96.8°
LNB skew: 60.6°
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aidebAuthor Commented:
I think my issue is that the mounting arm isn't 100% level due to the wall to which it is attached falling back slightly. How am I best to correct this?
Hi Aidan,
How is the dish attached to the wall?
What is the wall made of - brick or block perhaps?
How much is it off-level?
Perhaps you can put spacers (use washers for spacers) between the wall and the back side of the mounting arm base where the Bolts go through. Whether or not you can do this depends on how you attached the arm to the wall. This might compensate for the arm being out of plumb.
If you do this, use plastic washers. Using plastic washers will prevent corrosion because certain metals are subject to corrosion when placed in contact with other metals. Also, if you do this, make sure the mount remains sturdy.  
Did you check if its sturdy?

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aidebAuthor Commented:
The dish is attached to the wall using heavy weight bolts with plugs. It is very sturdy so no issue there. It isn't much off level but not dead centre. The wall is sandstone.

I will pick up some plastic washers and pack it up!

aidebAuthor Commented:
I have now got the dish mount exactly aligned. I am still not seeing the channels at 28.2E I would expect

I have uploaded a picture of the channels I see at 28.2E

Does anyone know if these are right?? Or am I just missing some?

Thanks again...
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