Why am I prompted for ONEXIT.C?

I have a few projects in Microsoft eMbedded Visual C++ 4.  Normally, everything works fine.  However, for some projects I will receive a prompt when I start debugging.  This prompt asks me for the location of ONEXIT.C (see attached screenshot).  The default path it is searching for the file is: d:\macallan\private\winceos\coreos\core\corelibc\crtw32\startup  (I am not macallan, and this directory does not exist on my computer).

Can anybody explain what causes this prompt and why it only happens on certain projects when debugging?

For some projects, I will receive odd memory errors after I see this prompt.  When this occurs, I can just reboot and everything goes back to normal.

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If I remember correctly, it is a crash, or a kind of... you know when a pointer was deleted twice or something else destroyed the heap, you see a message box, an assert from a CRT code (the file name is OnExit). You can look for this file on your computer. It should be somewhere in the folder eCV or Windows CE Tools. If you will select this file, you will see where you are and this is maybe useless.

eVC 4 was in 2004?
WCDeveloperAuthor Commented:
Normally I would believe that, but it seems to happen immediately when I start debugging (before any of my code executes), plus everything continues to work afterward.  It's possible that some of my project settings are incorrect and causing an exception at the launch of the application, but I can't pinpoint the cause.  What really confuses me is that it just started happening after a seemingly insignificant change.

I've tried to locate the file and it does not exist on my computer; so I can't get any useful information from that.

And yes, eVC4 is from 2004.  I'm using a legacy SDK for this device and I couldn't figure out how to configure VS2008 to support this.
So continue to press Cancel.
Somehow I do remember this OpenFileDialog and, when I finally, found that file, I understood that it will not help me - it was an exit handler and there was an assert (a debug message box) saying that a corrupted memory block was detected.
The file can be a part of Platform Builder.
If you simply want to hide this window, you can create an empty onexit.c and put it on your computer. Next time you'll see this annoying message, choose this file.

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