ISA 2004 proxy clients sometimes don't display web pages properly

In specific, a popup window from will usually show 'page cannot be displayed' when a client on our LAN is browsing through our proxy, however occasionally it will work.  It seems that it always works when connected directly to the internet.  Any troubleshooting suggestions for this annoying issue?
ISA Alerts monitoring doesn't show anything related to this.
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pwindellConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If ISA is the problem then it will either work,...or it won't.  There won't be any "occasionally it works".

There is more to the error than "page cannot be displayed".  When you read the whole error it will tell you why it failed.  You may have to disable "Friendly Error Messages" in the Advanced Settings of the browser.

acesover2000Author Commented:
Right on.. I'll buy that for a dollar.
acesover2000Author Commented:
Somehow I find it hard to believe that all ISA servers definitely work or don't work, and that there aren't issues that can cause intermittent errors, but in lieu of supporting that argument, I'll buy into it as "it's so rare for ISA to have intermittent issues that it's worth ignoring that as a possible cause"
What does that mean???  
A "B"??  
I had not even got to an answer yet!  I was asking for more troubleshooting detail that would be gleaned from the browser's error message.  If you don't want to help someone gather the information they need to deal with the problem,...then that is your problem,...not mine.
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