Printing a Form From Design Mode


I have two forms in a VB.NET project that I want to print out (for now, I can't run the app).  I want to print them from design mode, but both are too big.  In other words, the other windows encroach on the forms and I can't seem to get them presented on the screen in their entirety without something else overlapping them.

Is there a way to work around this?
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You can try to remove all tools in VS IDE, or even change your resolution.
Either way you should just try to make the project work and run it.

You can run some code at design mode, however i'm not sure if the designer initialize enough data so you can capture the screen while in design mode. Pretty sure it doesn't, to be honest.

Best choice in my opinion is to make the project builds.

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try this.

increase the screen resolution of your screen and the form will be smaller.
press (ctrl + shift + Prny Scrn) to copt the screen to clipboard.
open microsoft paint (or editor of choice) and paste the full screen.
in microsoft paint you can select the whole form from the screenshot and cut and paste  say to worh document or save as an image
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