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How do I restrict streaming radio for certain times on the ASA 5500 series devices

We are looking to restrict the streaming radio  during normal working hours but after hours would be ok.  We are using a Cisco ASA 5500 series device.

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1 Solution
You would need a URL filtering application.

Smartfilter and Websense integrate with the ASA.
You can do this with a simple DENY ACL if you can determine the specific IP or IP range they are using for this.  I have done this in the past for a remote office.
>You can do this with a simple DENY ACL

Actually a time-based ACL...If you know the IP... and the ports.  Otherwise it will block the entire site.

To do this effectively you need a URL filter.


To configure the time range follow the steps below:

   1. ASA(config)# time-range name
   2. ASA(config-time-range)# periodic days-of-the-week time to [days-of-the-week] time

The parameter “days-of-the-week” can take the following values:

    * monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday, sunday
    * weekdays
    * daily
    * weekend

The parameter “time” is in the format hh:mm

The configuration is as follows:
ASA(config)# time-range working-hours
ASA(config-time-range)# periodic weekdays 9:00 to 17:00
ASA(config)# access-list FTP-ACCESS extended permit tcp any host eq PORT time-range working-hours
ASA(config)# access-group FTP-ACCESS in interface outside
ASA(config)# static (DMZ,outside) netmask

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