Computer monitor goes blank after I disconnect my Remote Desktop session

I have a new computer that I connect into from home (or any other PC) through Remote Desktop.  I connect in fine, I can do my work, however, when I log off the session and come in the next day to my machine and try to log in, the screen goes black and I have to turn the machine off and back on to get it back up.  This happens instantly, I remoted in using the computer next to mine, and as soon I tried to log back into mine, the screen went blank.

Any idea?
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B HCommented:
this might prove really hard to troubleshoot... but 2 things come to mind:

1. repair install
2. create a script and set it as an icon for yourself to reboot instead of logging off

you could create an icon with this as the target:
%systemroot%\system32\shutdown -r -t 005 -f

that'll initiate a reboot in 5 seconds and restart, and force it to go down so it doesnt get stuck

then when you come in the next morning it will already have rebooted
B HCommented:
sorry add a .exe to that just in case:

%systemroot%\system32\shutdown.exe -r -t 005 -f
JRHITAuthor Commented:
I'd prefer this to act normally rather then create a workaround.  The repair install is an option...  Any other ideas people?
I assume that the system you are remoting into is going blank.

Does it happen if you remote in, log off and immediately log back on or only overnight?
Might be a problem with sleep/standby recovery.

Does it happen if you remote in from two different systems?
Might be a video driver issue.

Does it happen if you remote in from two different systems without logging off?
Less likely to be a video driver issue.
Seen it before with graphics issue
Check for latest graphics + chipset drivers from manufacturers website

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