Flatten css into html for email purposes


I use basic html/css to construct a page that I want to email.  I've read in a number of places that email clients don't handle css very well.  Is there a way to flatten the css into the html to generate a pure html page that can be emailed?
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The only thing you can do is use inline CSS along with tables.  My company and I send out mass mailings all the time and we use the Mailchimp client to send out along with a lot of images and inline CSS.
I would probably suggest that if you have a lot of CSS, then use images instead.  

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Hi sfun28,
For best results with email campaigns/EDM you should use a table layout and inline styles.

keep your styles for example <span style="font:normal 12px Arial, Helvetica, Serif;">Test</span>

Although you can still define a <style type="text/css"></style> section under the <head> tag of your file and define your css classes there, it's still not 100% supported by all email clients/providers and some will ignore them.

Refrain from using positioning, floats and background images except for the body.

Use table layout and properties instead of CSS. There are not much email clients (which i know off) which 'interpret' those properties in a wrong way. Like you said: email clients generally don't handle CSS very well. And if one does, the other doesn't etcetera. So it is better to set it up with properties / code that works in most (if not all) clients. So a basic HTML / Table layout would be best I think.

<td border="1"></td>

... etc ...
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sfun28Author Commented:
There's no tool that will take my existing CSS in <head><style>... and convert to html or in-line the css?
You can try this app:
sfun28Author Commented:
Thanks folks!  That premailer tool is exactly what I need.  I'll digest these comments and assign points tomorrow.
Any updates?
sfun28Author Commented:
Premailer looked promising, however its butchering my layout past a certain point in the file.  there's no logical reason for this because the layout is consistent across the file (I have like 5 tables, one after the other, each in their own <p>).

Anyways, I found this tool which seems to work great:
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