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Illegal instruction(coredump)

I am getting the following error message while running the ./runInstaller to install oracle clusterware
905394 Illegal instruction(coredump)

can some one please help me what might be th problem
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Srinivas_VengalaAuthor Commented:
The original error message is
/tmp/OraInstall2010-04-06_08-30-25AM/jre/1.4.2/bin/java[3]: 425990 Illegal instruction(coredump)

Can some one please help me.....
this could be
1) Version incompatibility (OS vs. Installer/Java).
2) 32bit Installer vs. 64bit OS or vice versa.
3) Wrong package (not meant for AIX).
4) Wrong/missing environment (LIBPATH, LD_LIBRARY_PATH etc.)
5) Oracle bug.
6) Corrupt install package.
Sorry for being that unspecific, but I never installed Oracle Clusterware, and installations of other Oracle products here showed almost all kinds of errors, but never this one.
Do you get an entry in errpt  from this error? If yes, you could take this information to present it to Oracle or IBM support, or to post it here so we could have a look at it.
i think it will be tough to debug without coredump analysis.

Try looking at the core using dbx and look for the stack trace. May be its a known issue, you can probably search for similar problems on google or IBM site.
Srinivas_VengalaAuthor Commented:
I will check that.

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