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How to modify the Date list form field within Sharepoint Designer 07

I need to modify the default value of the start time and end time of a list form date fields.  As anyone done this?  I also need to modify the minute field drop down to display minute increments instead of 5 minute increments.

Ada County
Ada County
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1 Solution
There is no ootb way to change the time values of the Date field.
You can use javascript to modify the drop down values.

Add a content editor wp to the bottom of the NewForm.aspx or download/edit/upload the page

 ... loop through the page > find the dropdowns > change the values.
Ada CountyAuthor Commented:
You wouldn't by chance have an example of this?
No, but I just did it... and guess what it didn't work. While I can change the drop down values, SharePoint will display unexpected error when you save if the minute field isn't a multiple of 5.

Here you can test:

1.- Follow this (http://www.sharepointology.com/setup/add-web-parts-to-dispform-editform-or-newformaspx/) to add a Content Edit wp.

2.- Paste the code in to the Source Editor window.

3.- CHANGE my date time field name "MYDT" to  your field name.
function findMyElement(title){
	var elements = document.getElementsByTagName('input');
	for(i=0; i<elements.length;i++){if(elements[i].title.indexOf(title)>-1){return elements[i];}}
	return false;
function findMySelect(obj,i){
	var elements = obj.parentElement.parentElement.children[3].children;
	return elements[i];

var dt = findMyElement('MYDT');
var dtHr = findMySelect(dt, 1);
var dtMn = findMySelect(dt, 3);

for (i=0; i<60; i++){
	var o = i;
	if(o<10){o= "0"+ i;}
	dtMn.options[i]=new Option(o, o);

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So your only option is to create a Custom Field.
create a feature and when a new entry is made, use object model to insert current DateTime of the  system.

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