Outlook 2007 how to combine aol imap email with default personal folder

I created a new Outlook 2007 profile and added my aol email, which automatically comes in as IMAP. I added all my contacts and calendar items, and now I realize that they are located in the default personal folder, but my emails are in the email personal folder, which automatically is created in a separate personal folder. Is it possible to add aol IMAP account to the default Personal Folder? How can I make my aol email personal folder the default and remove the one that Outlook 2007 automatically creates? It seems to me that because AOL is an IMAP account, I cannot have the emails in the same data folder as the calendar items and contacts. I might've just answered my own question.
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micalkinConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Outlook requires the personal folder account unless you are connecting to an exchange server.
Imap cannot be the default account so therefore you are stuck with having 2 different folder systems showing up.
bmcomputerAuthor Commented:
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