Windows 7 - Accidentally moved User folder and now 'Access Denied' issues everywhere!

Hello All,
I am new to Windows 7.  I think I accidentally moved the 'Users' folder.  My cursor grabs folders and drops them wheverever...  I realized this and moved the Users folder back under the Computer / OS directory tree.  Now I am receiving all kinds of 'Permission Denied' error messages with TOAD etc.  I went into each file and reset the persmissions only to have TOAD identify another permission issue.  I finally uninstalled TOAD and reinstalled.  The problem still remains.  I can't access my Oracle schemas even though I can tnsping them.  I am screwed!  Can someone please provide assistance?
Cheryl McCormickConsultantAsked:
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centervConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Make your changes in an administrator account.
Lost administrator account

Fix your user account

Lastly try this. Have backups, which by the way if you have one, use it to restore the pc.
Program is beta 
Craig BowmanIT Services SupervisorCommented:
try the solutions in this previous questions regarding permissions and ownership on directories in windows 7
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