I need help in having my driver WHQL certified

I did not write the driver. I buy it as is but I need it certified so I can preinstall it with the rest of the software which I write.

I could not find in the Net one clear concise solution as for How I can get this certification process going.  

Any help on the matter wiil be very much appreciated.
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mavalphaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Microsoft allows vendors to use Authenticode as an alternative to the WHQL Logo program.
B HCommented:
here's how to get started...

it's not going to be an easy process though.
Do you actually need it WHQL certified, or just signed?  If WHQL, the package needs to be submitted to Microsoft and validated by them.  If just signed (as for installation on Vista/7 64-bit), you could look into "signing" your own drivers: http://www.minasi.com/newsletters/nws0903.htm
Scroll down to the Tech Section: Solving the "This Driver Isn't Signed" Problem in 64-Bit Windows
yossikallyAuthor Commented:
What I actually need, is being able to preinstall my driver using SetupCopyOEMInf  API call.

For this function to complete successfully, the driver must have a valid catalog file.

For a valid catalog file to exist, so I understand, the driver must be certified (correct me if I'm wrong here, that may well be the case)
yossikallyAuthor Commented:
Still waiting...
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