Compile C/C++ source code

I need to compile source code written in C and C++. There is a Makefile that comes with it. I'm attaching it. Can anyone give me any suggestions on how to compile it to a setup.exe file? Do I have to use Microsoft Visual Studio? Can cygwin do it? Thanks! -Ming
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That Makefile is a very general one.. It will compile every .cc file in the directory using the g++ compiler, link the object files to the SDL library and produce a binary file called "dgl"

It will never produce a setup.exe. Exactly what is it you are trying to compile?

mybluegrassAuthor Commented:
This is the source file I'm trying to compile:

The imageprinter itself is a virtual image printer software for windows. It has Installer version which contains a setup.exe file: But it's not working as I've expected so I need to make some changes to the source file and recompile the source. The software's website is
The environment has to be in windows.
Thanks a lot!
Opps.. Already had a Makefile in my temporary download folder and some home opened that instead..  Sorry.

Downloaded and checked it out.

There are some hardcoded includes in the makefile.
C:/MinGw32/lib/gcc/mingw32/3.4.2/include C:/MinGw32/include/c++/3.4.2/backward etc.

So you will need to download MinGw, Visual Studio is not needed.

Good Luck!

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mybluegrassAuthor Commented:
I think I know why you said "Good Luck!" at the end. I modified the Makefile and run mingw32-make. But the process is stuck with the following error message:

windres.exe -i imgport.rc --input-format=rc -o .obj/imgport.res -O coff
dllwrap.exe --output-def install/i386/libimgport.def --driver-name c++ --
install/i386/libimgport.a .obj/Monitor.o .obj/PortList.o .obj/png.o .obj/
r.o .obj/pnggccrd.o .obj/pngget.o .obj/pngmem.o .obj/pngpread.o .obj/pngr
obj/pngrio.o .obj/pngrtran.o .obj/pngrutil.o .obj/pngset.o .obj/pngtrans.
pngvcrd.o .obj/pngwio.o .obj/pngwrite.o .obj/pngwtran.o .obj/pngwutil.o .
er32.o .obj/compress.o .obj/crc32.o .obj/deflate.o .obj/gzio.o .obj/infba
bj/inffast.o .obj/inflate.o .obj/inftrees.o .obj/trees.o .obj/uncompr.o .
il.o .obj/p2png.o .obj/jcapimin.o .obj/jcapistd.o .obj/jccoefct.o .obj/jc
 .obj/jcdctmgr.o .obj/jchuff.o .obj/jcinit.o .obj/jcmainct.o .obj/jcmarke
j/jcmaster.o .obj/jcomapi.o .obj/jcparam.o .obj/jcphuff.o .obj/jcprepct.o
csample.o .obj/jdapimin.o .obj/jdapistd.o .obj/jdatadst.o .obj/jdatasrc.o
dcolor.o .obj/jddctmgr.o .obj/jdhuff.o .obj/jdmainct.o .obj/jdmarker.o .o
ster.o .obj/jdmerge.o .obj/jdphuff.o .obj/jdsample.o .obj/jdtrans.o .obj/
o .obj/jfdctflt.o .obj/jfdctfst.o .obj/jfdctint.o .obj/jidctflt.o .obj/ji
o .obj/jidctint.o .obj/jidctred.o .obj/jmemmgr.o .obj/jmemnobs.o .obj/jqu
.obj/jquant2.o .obj/jutils.o .obj/rpcl.o .obj/bmpf.o .obj/p2jpg.o .obj/jd
o .obj/jdinput.o .obj/jdpostct.o .obj/tif_aux.o .obj/tif_codec.o .obj/tif
o .obj/tif_compress.o .obj/tif_dir.o .obj/tif_dirinfo.o .obj/tif_dirread.
tif_dirwrite.o .obj/tif_dumpmode.o .obj/tif_error.o .obj/tif_extension.o
f_fax3.o .obj/tif_fax3sm.o .obj/tif_flush.o .obj/tif_getimage.o .obj/tif_
.obj/tif_luv.o .obj/tif_lzw.o .obj/tif_next.o .obj/tif_ojpeg.o .obj/tif_o
obj/tif_packbits.o .obj/tif_pixarlog.o .obj/tif_predict.o .obj/tif_print.
tif_read.o .obj/tif_strip.o .obj/tif_swab.o .obj/tif_thunder.o .obj/tif_t
obj/tif_warning.o .obj/tif_win32.o .obj/tif_write.o .obj/tif_zip.o .obj/t
e.o .obj/utils.o .obj/cdjpeg.o .obj/rdbmp.o .obj/tiffcp.o .obj/tiff2pdf.o
mgport.res -L"C:/MinGw/lib" --add-stdcall-alias -lkernel32 -luser32 -lgdi
nspool -lcomdlg32 -ladvapi32  -lole32 -loleaut32 -luuid -lwsock32    -o i
dllwrap.exe: no export definition file provided.
Creating one, but that may not be what you want
.obj/p2jpg.o:p2jpg.cpp:(.text+0x98d): undefined reference to `jpeg_set_qu
peg_compress_struct*, int, unsigned char)'
.obj/p2jpg.o:p2jpg.cpp:(.text+0xa1e): undefined reference to `jpeg_start_
s(jpeg_compress_struct*, unsigned char)'
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
dllwrap.exe: c++ exited with status 1
mingw32-make: *** [install/i386/imgport.dll] Error 1

Any thought?


Does the file "install/i386/libimgport.def" exsist in the program folder?

Looks like dllwrap.exe fails and uses a standard definition.

Might try to build it my self later today..
No, you are missing some library or object file, infacts make didn't find the function "jpeg_set_qu..peg_compress_struct" (I think the name is truncated).
I think that the missing library is libjpeg... Have you installed it?
mybluegrassAuthor Commented:
Thanks! The problem is that, I installed a higher version of MinGW (3.4.5). I should use 3.4.2. I uninstalled the 3.4.5 and installed 3.4.2 and everything works now. So, all .o files are in .object directory. But how can I make a setup.exe file out of those object files? Sorry that I haven't worked with C++ in this way.

Thanks a lot!

mybluegrassAuthor Commented:
I actually installed NSIS and used the setup.nsi file included in the install directory. But when I drag the file into the NSIS window, the file failed on line 58 because it cannot find File: "i386\Options.exe". I'm attaching the setup.nsi file. I have to change the extension because the .nsi extension is not allowed to upload.

Thanks a lot!

mybluegrassAuthor Commented:
The problem is that the Options.exe is generated by another package. I have to copy it over to the install folder so the setup.nsi file is able to run.
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