How I can push out IE 8 for silent install on WSUS to clinets which don't have admin rights

on WSUS I  send IE 8 totest group who don't have admin rights and currently running IE 6.They machines are gettig iE 8 but when you  click on IE  you  get Welcome message with the option to click on Next and Ask me later , and if you select next it ask some optios to select which I really don't want users to get this  . Now how I can send this to the clients (who don't have admin rights ) so I they can have silent install.
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Donald StewartConnect With a Mentor Network AdministratorCommented:
Use "allow non-administrators to receive update notifications"
How to Disable Internet Explorer 8 Welcome Screen Through Group Policies
wajhiuddinAuthor Commented:
This was a perfect Thanks for quick response
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