Antivirus Spamware crippling computers.

Two of our computers are infected with Antivirus Xp/XP Smart Security.  how do we get rid of these malware applications.
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optomaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
For smart security:+ try it for av xp:
Run Hitmanpro.exe and rename to Hitmanpro.cmd
Once renamed run scan

Run Malwarebytes quick scan + post logfile
First, download rkill and ComboFix from (and only from them!!!)

You will need to download from another PC and copy via USB.

Run rkill to terminate virus processes, then run combofix to remove infections.

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Run exeHelper.... and if the problem persists run ComboFix as suggested and attach the logfile here for us to check.
Please download exeHelper. 
Double-click on to run the fix.
A black window should pop up, press any key to close once the fix is completed.
HANDY1FORGODAuthor Commented:
My apologies  to the group, I was involved in a near death collision and spent the better part of the last  two weeks in and out of hospital.  As a result, i have not had time to go over these suggestions since I have not been at work but just beginning to do some catch up work via laptop from home.  Please bear with me as I value your service.


Carl at St. Andrew's UMC
No prob.
Hope all is ok :)
HANDY1FORGODAuthor Commented:
Easy is a relative term when applied to an old geek like me, still got a lot to learn but was able to get similar success with both solutions.  Thanks a bunch.
You're welcome! Take care..
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