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I have been seacrching around for a while and can't seem to find an answer to this but is it possible to have a skin file where the only property set for the control is a CssClass which defines the appearance of the control?

For example, if I wanted all of my buttons to have blue text which is in upper case. I set the CSS class called button and apply it to every button on the page and it works fine. Alternatively I could have set the properties in a skin file to have the text colour in blue, etc. (although I don't think there is an uppercase conversion in the skin but I may be wrong). This would then be applied to every button without declaring it and also works.

My issue is that if I did this by simply calling CssClass="button" in the skin and removing all other formatting, the buttons on the rendered page all come out as the boring grey ones. Am I just missing something here or is this a known limitation?
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Enhanced SupportConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I take it back, it seems to be working now. Any idea what may have happened before?
--->Any idea what may have happened before?
May be your skinfile was not saved and so the pages weren't taking up the skin.
Enhanced SupportAuthor Commented:
It definately was saved. I'll see if I can find what was happening before as luckily, it was only in a test project anyway. It's bound to be something silly I'm sure. Web.Config probably. All the rest of my problems seem to lie in there. Ha ha!
may be somewhere themes were disabled for pages in web.config or yes something silly.
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