What is the likely cost of a T1 point-to-point circuit?

We are researching how to connect our main office to a new branch office for file sharing, email access, VoIP.

We've already ruled out a IPSec VPN over the internet because we want QoS for our inter-office calls using our asterisk-based PBX and SIP phones.

For MPLS, I'm seeing that it is about $500/month for a full T1 per site, plus about $500 per site to setup.  The 2nd T1 is approximately an additional $200/month with no increase in setup fees.  The MPLS vendors are including the QoS routers.

I have have a few vendors who are pushing MPLS for this purpose and it seems like a good fit, but I believe that a point-to-point T1 is also an option, but I haven't had time to get quotes.   For now I just need a basic idea of expected setup and monthly costs for this sort of setup so I can compare to MPLS.

As I understand it, I'll pay the telco for the T1's at each site, but I'll have to provide my own QoS routers.

So what should I expect as typical monthly and setup costs for the point-to-point T1s? Please include expected additional costs for the 2nd T1 at each site.  We aren't sure if we are going with 1 or 2 yet.
And what should I expect to pay for each QoS router capable of routing PRI phone calls separately from data traffic?

One site is in the Metro Milwaukee WI area, the other is in the northern Chicago IL suburbs.

Thanks for a quick response!

This is my first experts-exchange question, so please feel free to coach me on how to write better question next time.
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RPPreacherConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It varies but is typically in the same ballpark as MPLS.
>but I haven't had time to get quotes.

That's step #1.

It varies significantly from location to location.

>As I understand it, I'll pay the telco for the T1's at each site, but I'll have to provide my own QoS routers.

Some telcos provide managed routers.

>So what should I expect as typical monthly and setup costs for the point-to-point T1s?

Call your local telco sales rep.
GeckoITAuthor Commented:
I am aware that it varies from location to location.  I'm trying to quickly ballpark and compare/contrast with MPLS (which I do have quotes for) without spending the time with sales reps.

I'd be happy with "it's usually about the same as MPLS", or "it's usually about XX% of MPLS", etc.
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GeckoITAuthor Commented:
If cost isn't a differentiator, then aside from availability in the target market, what reasons would you choose point-to-point T1s over MPLS?  
I wouldn't.
GeckoITAuthor Commented:
Sharing specific personal experiences or examples to back up claims/conclusions helps me understand if what was written is a matter of personal preference or fact.
T1 Based services are based on each and every Telcom Carrier independantly as well as the area as RPPreacher pointed out above.

Telcos work off of "Rate Centers" and each one can be different.  In North America you can pay anywhere from $200-$800 for a T1... and about 5-15% more for an MPLS solution.

If you need Full MPLS with QOS from end to end it may be a bit more expensive of a T1 or bonded T1 solution but often those providers can also layer on Voice and other services to make more efficient use of the same transport or bonded transports. This is nice because the QOS should be managed by the Carrier's CPE equipment saving you the time and hassle of managing those connections. I would also focus on the MPLS/QOS Service Level Agreement (SLA). Since this can vary greatly from carrier to carrier.

Most companies can be negotiated to wave setup fees in already built out areas. Just push on the sales rep hard enough and magic will happen...

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